Yoga At Home


Yoga Delivered

High quality yoga instruction comes seamlessly into your life. No more rushing to a studio, trying to find a class that suits your needs, or needing to abide by the studio's schedule. The yoga comes to you!

On Your Schedule

Choose the same day and time each week and commit to not only yourself and your practice, but those who you share it with. Without the added time of traveling to and from a studio a 60 minute class takes exactly 60 minutes out of your day. Your savasana will end in the privacy of your home where you can continue on with your busy life!

Goal Oriented

Yoga becomes interesting when it becomes goal oriented. With the help of your instructor you can choose individual goals for yourself that will be worked on each session. Whether you want to leave your session with less pain and stress or with a tough work out and energy for the day ahead, the choice is always yours. 


With the option of creating your own small group the price of in-home yoga becomes comparable to the studios in your neighborhood. Grab a friend or three and pay as little as €20 per lesson! 

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"Clear, Precise and Challenging"

We are fans of Heather and having her come to our house makes the whole experience even better. Clear, precise and challenging in her instructions whilst keeping the yoga practice lively and diverse makes for a great class. She kindly suggests that we make progress and then raises the bar... :) -Alexander, 52

"A True Joy"

Working with Heather in the privacy of my own home is a true joy. She really knows how to motivate me, and guides me through my practice in a challenging, yet sensible way. She enthusiastically shares her knowledge of yoga and movement, giving me a deeper understanding of the postures and the way the body is supposed to move. I also love the fact that Heather adjusts the practice to my form of the day. I highly recommend Heather. -Jolene, 40