Moving @ Work


Making it Possible

In order to bring physical movement to the people that need it most, I started traveling to the workplace. The workplace is notorious for hours of sitting, being the center of stress and taking time away from things we'd rather be doing. With a one hour class coming on site employees get the opportunity to do something enjoyable that contributes to their productivity while lowering stress levels. I highly encourage classes to be employee sponsored so everyone feels appreciated and willing to give more. 

One Hour Class on Site

Classes can be arranged any time of day. Before the work day begins, on the lunch break, or after the work day ends. The classes are based on the needs of the participants. The focus can be geared towards providing adequate movement for the day or learning methods for stress and pain management.

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"Always worth my while!"

Heather comes to my workplace, and teaches yoga to any employee  that wishes to participate, both in the morning and in the afternoon.  She is great at making every person in the room feel she sees them, and at instructing them at their own level: small adjustments for beginners, challenges for the more advanced. 

I have come to every class I was able to attend, and it has always been worth my while! I always leave with more energy than when I arrived, even at the end of a long work day. And getting up at five in the morning to attend a yoga class may seem like a sacrifice, but it has never failed to pay itself back. - Heijnderek, Amsterdam International Community School

"Gives me more energy"

I always thought I would be too tired to get up and into work for 7:00 am, but yoga actually gives me more energy in the morning, even after a tiring weekend. I was so happy when it was introduced into our work place. It is so easy to fit into my work schedule and I start the day more relaxed and calm in the classroom. Heather has been a fantastic teacher and I always feel challenged, supported and encouraged. I hadn't taken part in any classes for years before this and I felt very welcome as a beginner and quickly began to see the progress I was making. I would recommend this to anyone! 

-Cassie, Amsterdam International Community School