Getting Started


Determining the Best Path

Read the statements below to determine which type of training suits you best. 

Personal Training

1. I have clear goals and I want someone to help me achieve them. 

2. I prefer training by myself to training in a group.

3. I am just getting back into exercising and I think some private attention would be useful. 

4. I would like to take group classes but I don't feel prepared.

5. I want someone to hold me accountable so I stay consistent with my training. 

In Home Yoga

1. I have a few hours free during the morning and I would like to use them to take care of myself. 

2. I have been doing yoga for awhile and would like to develop my own home practice. 

3. I have a busy schedule and someone coming to my home would allow me more time to exercise.

 4. I have a group of friends with whom I like to share my time with and we live in the same area.

5. I've taken yoga classes before but the setting didn't suit me and so I stopped going to lessons. 

Small Group Classes

1. I enjoy training in groups.

2. I enjoy training in groups but sometimes there are too many people and I get lost among the crowd. 

3. I have an injury or problem I am working with and could use some extra attention. 

4. I would like help in creating goals for myself.

5. I would like to be a part of a community that focuses on building a healthy lifestyle.