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What People Are Saying

Parke, 51


Heather and I have known each other for a few years, and it has been exciting (and inspiring!) to follow along on her journey as she moves forward in the world.

She's continually challenging herself to learn and grow, and has a gift for distilling all of her vast knowledge of movement, nutrition, and general wellness, into easy to understand, achievable goals. 

Heather's enthusiasm for living her best life is contagious, and her focused, supportive, common sense approach to coaching allows her clients to identify roadblocks and get to the heart of their own priorities, so that they may do the same.

Cassie, 32


With Heather's understanding and guidance, I’m beginning to understand my own behaviour patterns for what they really are. 

I am now making more conscious choices around food, I feel much more energetic throughout the day, especially when I exercise, and even the quality of my sleep has improved. It's only when you really give working with Heather a go that you see how far you can take your own progress. 

Heather has been so understanding and I feel I can openly and honestly share anything with her. Heather's coaching has gone so much beyond what I first thought I was signing up for. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. No matter where you are on your own journey, Heather can help you take it further.

Kiki, 49


Heather gives a great online course. She makes it possible to absorb the information in all different ways, whether it’s through watching, reading or listening. Plus she adds a personal touch with her weekly check-ins making the absorption of new information incredibly easy and accessible. 

After working with Heather I am really able to acknowledge how I manage my own life. She brought awareness to my routine and the fact that when I create structure in my life I can achieve the things I want. What I liked the most about working with Heather was that she wasn’t focused on food or weight loss but on the formation of good habits. However, I am much more aware of my food and instead of thinking about rules or diets I think about it more subjectively. My daily approach towards life and my to-do list has changed in a way that serves me much better!

Alexandra, 31


Heather is very knowledgeable about fitness, food, positive mentality, and all around how to live a healthy lifestyle. She does not judge, she truly wants to help, and thrives on people being their true successful selves. She has been practicing good health for as long as I can remember. She is a great teacher and really takes the time to accommodate and get to know her students on not only a physical level, but spiritual level as well. I highly recommend her as a coach. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Rinske, 32


I decided to work with Heather because I know that when she decides to do something, she really goes for it. There’s no time to mess around! She is consistent, well organised and structured. Having gone through all the same things herself, she teaches from a place of experience. She gives me helpful information about ingredients and recipes and helps me reach my goals by taking very small steps. She keeps me focused and I would recommend anyone to work with her! 

Jennifer, 27


"Heather is very kind and calming. She helped me to understand my food consumption, which created an awareness about my emotions and my eating habits. For anybody who wants to grow in their health with practical tools, I would recommend Heather, because she is very attentive and generous in her teaching."